Water damage restoration from leaks or floods is our specialty

At Flood and Fire Solutions we have the state of the art equipment and trained technicians to quickly remove the water in your property by extracting it and drying it out. We perform water damage clean up restoration for both residential and commercial properties. Backups, drain overflows, and toilet overflows are our speciality. Most importantly we can mitigate your loss and stop further damage with our immediate response services.

Water damage is a major contributor to loss of property because if not treated as soon as possible it can quickly spread and cause further, large scale property loss.

Water damage can come from many sources and must be treated differently depending on the source. At Flood and Fire Solutions we have the equipment and highly trained technicians to properly clean up the water, stop further damage and treat the affected areas to restore your property to pre-loss condition.

Water Damage Categories

  • Category 1 | Clean Water

    Refers to flooding from a source of water that does not pose any threat to humans. This is typically a water supply line from a water heater, faucets supply lines, dish washer supply lines, washing machine supply line, toilet supply lines and other supply lines in the walls. If flooding from a clean source of water like this is treated quickly we can often save most if not all of your flooring, walls and contents.

  • Category 2 | Gray Water

    Refers to flooding from a source of water that contains a significant degree of biological, chemical, or physical contaminants and can causes sickness and extensive damage to your property. Category 2 flooding will usually come from toilet bowls with urine, water discharge from dishwashers or washing machines, sump pump failures and other water that should go through the sanitation system. Any areas that have been contaminated by the water will need to be removed to prevent possible mould growth and mitigate and further damage to your property..

  • Category 3 | Black Water

    Refers to flooding from an extremely unsanitary source which contains harmful bacteria and fungi which will cause severe discomfort or sickness. Category 3 flood damage will usually come from sewage back up in your toilet or sink. Other sources include seawater, rising water from rivers or streams, ground surface water entering your home or standing category 2 water that is not promptly removed and left standing for 48-72 hours. To treat this type of flooding requires extremely specialized equipment and training and will often require mould remediation after dry out is completed.

In all of these cases the sooner you call the sooner we can mitigate the damage and save more of your property. Our licensed and certified water damage specialists will use the latest training and technological equipment and extensive experience to restore your water-damaged property the quickest and safest way possible.

Water Damage Restoration Process

Remove all standing water with water extractor and pumps then dry all surfaces.
Carpets and padding are pulled up. Floors are dried completely
Important documents, works of art, furniture, draperies, computers, appliances and other electronic equipment are thoroughly dried and brought back to pre-damage conditions whenever possible.
Finally, the site is decontaminated and disinfected to kill bacteria resulting from organic waste with specially formulated antimicrobial solutions.

Flood Damage & Remediation

Catastrophic storms - such as tornados, hurricanes, blizzards and floods can cause extensive and severe damage. The scene after a catastrophic storm can diminish hope, and cause many to believe they will have to start over from scratch.

In the unfortunate event you do find yourself in that situation, don't worry, Flood and Fire Solutions is here to help. Flood and Fire Solutions will pull together as a team to help restore property damaged by catastrophic storms.

Please do NOT hesitate and call our emergency number so we can create a healthy environment for you and for your family!!

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Water damage restoration from leaks or floods is our speciality. We are here to help

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