Flood & Fire Solutions Inc. separates itself from the competition through education and certification.

Restoration, water damage, and cleaning technology and procedure training programs prepare our specialists to help restore your home to pre-loss condition. We take pride in the multitude of certifications achieved and listed below. While it is said that "experience is the greatest teacher," a certification "rounds you out."

Certifying body Certification type Date certified Register/clerk
ART Certified Technology Restorer Level 1 and 2 4/30/2004 12
EPA - Lead Safe Certified Firm Enviromental Protection Agency 7/21/2010 NAT-68704-1
IICRC Water Damage Restoration 3/9/2004 80734
IICRC Master Fire and Smoke Restorer 2/7/2003 59944
IICRC Journeyman Fire and Smoke Restorer 2/8/2003 59944
IICRC Carpet Cleaning 2/9/2003 59944
IICRC Odor Control 2/10/2003 59944
IICRC Health & Safety 2/11/2003 59944
IICRC Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning 2/12/2003 59944
IICRC Fire and Smoke Restoration 2/6/2000 59944
IICRC Journeyman Textile Cleaner 2/6/2003 59944
IICRC Water Damage Restoration 2/7/2003 59944
IICRC Applied Structural Drying 2/8/2003 59944
IICRC Master Fire and Smoke Restorer 10/12/2007 99
IICRC Odor Control, Fire and Smoke Restoration 2/8/2003 59943/131691
NET Mold Remediation Contractor 10/24/2006 54899
RIA Water Loss Specialist 3/17/2006 99
RIA Mold Remediation Tech 2/6/2003 54899
RIA Ultrasonic Cleaning 2/8/2003 99
RIA Mold Remediation Refresher 3/10/2008 99
RIA Certified Mold Professional 10/21/2004 99
RIA Mold Remediation Supervisor 2/21/2003 99
TMC Group Water Damage 3/9/2004 54899

Flood and Fire Solutions in Michigan

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Fire Damage

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Basement Flood

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